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"Outside In"

Transformation through Wilderness. Meditation. Community.

If you are one of the millions of people suffering from a restless mind that creates obstacles to feeling present, adventuresome, focused, happy, fulfilled, connected, calm and thinking clearly, then Sherpa of Souls Guided Wilderness Wellness programs are worth a closer look. 

Hear from our clients

 “I am still integrating the physical experience which I know is very profound for me. The implications of what it’s giving me & will continue to give me are just starting to be realized! So essentially I could say that the physical is deeply spiritual!” 


The mission of Sherpa of Souls is to share the restorative power of wilderness with as many people as we can to promote personal empowerment and mental wellness. Our vision is to contribute to making ”Time in Nature/Wilderness” part of the treatment modality to promote mental health by practicing and documenting the transformative power of wilderness. We want to create an enduring community of peers that unite to share a wilderness experience and learn both about themselves and how to sustain mental calm and clarity, out of the field. 

"Fit of Joy" Retreats

Our "Fit of Joy" retreats are an expedition into exploration and focused attention.  The expedition traverses outer and inner landscapes with the intention of cultivating “outside in” transformation.  We cultivate that transformation in three ways.  First and foremost, all of our retreats include time in Wilderness so that we can reconnect with the power of “wild awe” and its transcendental ability to melt away the distractions from our daily and digital lives.  Second, we disrupt routines of reactivity and comfort to pursue expanded states of consciousness, with the belief that we can reveal aspects of ourselves hidden from everyday awareness.  Third, we build a positive community with the belief that it can support the creation of new positive rituals and self-care.   Our retreats invite you to experience the boundless reservoir of joy awaiting you.  

Experienced Guides

Meditation Tools & Techniques

Positive Community

Sherpa Ethos

The Sherpa of Souls’ Ethos is the foundation of how we conduct ourselves with our clients in
and out of the field. In other words, our Ethos represents our guiding values and help shape all of our slow travel backcountry retreats. Our Ethos draws heavily from our experience
traveling with and observing the conduct of the world famous Sherpa people of the Khumbu
Valley in Nepal. Sherpa is actually the surname of the tribe of Buddhist Tibetans that travelled East in search of religion freedom. They followed their spiritual leader Lama Rinpoche and his teachings to establish their current home in the Khumbu Valley, approximately 500 years ago. Now, the Sherpa people of Khumbu valley are revered for their courage, strength, 
mountaineering skills and humility, which are relied heavily upon to help tourists reach Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.


During every Sherpa of Souls retreat orientation these words are brought to life with back
country travel stories and anecdotes, which hopefully set the code of conduct for ourselves and ideally our clients. One example is this ethos is our commitment to “Leave No Trace”
backcountry travel practices.


Said more simply, we leave the natural environment as pristine as we found it.

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