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Why Sherpa of Souls?


Our Retreats can be Transformational

Our programming trinity uniquely combines slow backcountry wilderness travel, various forms and techniques of meditation and mindfulness activities all within a supportive and durable community.

At the intersection of our trinity is an immersive experience that will open your heart and mind to a
space and stillness that can change your life for the better. If interested please refer to learn more about us pages to better understand our programming.


Our Retreats are Accessible

All of our retreats utilize the AMC’s beautiful mountain top huts, which feature spectacular views, wonderful amenities and a vibrant community of backcountry travelers. These huts are great for new hikers that want to strike the right balance between the challenge of the hike with the reward of a warm bed and meal awaiting your arrival. While the huts are placed in the most remote and majestic places, they are generally assessable within 2-4 hours of hiking. While our trips are affordable relative to other outfitters, we also provide scholarships to those in need.


Our Retreats immerse you in the spectacular
beauty of NH's White Mountains.

Whatever these mountains lack in height (most are between 4,000-6,000 ft) they make up with an unparalleled rugged beauty with vistas that take your breath away. Just ask any hiker trekking the entirety of the almost 3,000 miles of the Appellation Trail, “what is the most beautiful section” and invariable they all respond, ”the White Mountains as both the most beautiful and most challenging."


Our Retreats feature world-class guides and teachers.

They'll ensure you will have a safe, fun and enriching experience. SOS partners with guides that bring the right balance of experience, leadership, knowledge and empathy. Our guides take you on an expedition of exploration which allows clients to takeaway the knowledge, insights and wisdom to improve their lives.


Our Retreats focus on developing transferrable skills.

Unlike most outdoor adventures which are transactional meaning that you go and have an experience and it ends our retreat approach is relational, that is we teach you a series of skills that are portable and further your efforts to make positive quality of life improvements as a member of our supportive community.


Our Retreats give you an opportunity to change the world.

An integral part of the SOS mission is to conduct SOS-funded research that supports programs that use nature-based mindfulness to heal and restore both general wellness and those suffering from mental illness, ranging from PTSD, depression, burn-out and anxiety.

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