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Future Retreats


 Pemigewassett Wilderness Traverse

Join us for a long weekend this Fall to take in breathtaking views during peak leaf peeping time as we traverse the Pemigewassett Wilderness. This is a challenging 4 day, 3 night hike for those intrigued by over 25 miles and over 7,000 of elevation gain. We will spend the 3 nights in various AMC huts along the way so we can leave the cooking and accommodations to the AMC. This challenging yet rewarding hike is for more experienced hikers wanting to immerse
themselves in the beauty of the Pemigewassett Wilderness. 

Climbing Mexico’s Volcanoes

We are exploring another Fall trip but to Mexico. This 5-7 day trip pairs the culture and cuisine of Mexico City with treks to summit Mexico’s tallest mountains. The current plan is to do 1-2 acclimatization treks up the volcanoes closest to Mexico City. They are in the 13.5-15K elevation range and can be done as day hikes. Once we are more accustomed to the elevation,
we will leave Mexico City and make Valle de Bravo our home base to complete a 2 day hike of Nevada de Toluca. We will be joined by a local mountain guide to our team to ensure safety
and a culturally rich experience.


Maine Whitewater Rafting

Spring of 2024 we are offering an exciting weekend retreat in the central western region of Maine. This is a great opportunity to experience the beautiful and tranquil natural settings that this state has to offer. We will be exploring some of the area’s unique wilderness trails and locations, and spend a full day whitewater rafting class 4 rapids on one of Maine’s most unique rivers, with licensed guides. Our day on the river will be a prime opportunity to experience the restorative power that comes from pushing outside our comfort zones and working as a team to paddle through swiftly running stretches of river. 

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If you are interested in any of these potential retreats, please fill out the brief questionnaire below, as it will help us create the best experience for our guests moving forward!

Future Retreat Questionnaire
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