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Introducing Mr. Sherpa of Souls

Updated: May 21, 2023

Author: Peter Alternative

I’m in the process of writing the next chapter in my professional life after 25 years of financial consulting to entrepreneurs. I suppose that makes me part of the “Great Reevaluation” going on today spawned by the global pandemic. Another byproduct of the global pandemic is growing awareness about the mental health issues and the broader epidemic facing our country. An integral part of my journey to figure out what’s next has been pursuit of my own mental well being. I'm not alone. For instance, consensus estimates are that approximately 10 million adults in any given year suffer from PTSD, which is defined as “difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying act”.

Thankfully, I’ve come a long way in educating myself about the science behind mental illness and trauma. While step one for me has been becoming more informed and educated, I decided that was not enough. I decided that I want to be part of the movement that aims to destigmatize mental health issues. Moreover, I want to be part of the solution that helps to address our country’s mental health epidemic. I was also inspired by a college friend who shared in a public forum her pain of losing her son prematurely due to mental illness. My intentions are not totally altruistic. I have come to the conclusion that starting Sherpa of Souls is likely to be integral to my own journey inward. If you are interested in learning more about Sherpa of Souls, please subscribe to our mailing list. Thanks, SOS

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