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August Retreat

Enjoy a "Fit of Joy" retreat with us at the AMC's Highland Center and Mizpah Hut



Our retreats are an expedition into exploration and focused attention.   The programming traverses outer and inner wild landscapes with the intention of cultivating “outside in” transformation.   We cultivate that transformation in three ways.  First and foremost, all of our retreats include time in Wilderness so that we can reconnect with the power of “wild awe” and its transcendental ability to melt away the distractions from our daily and digital lives.  Second, we disrupt routines of reactivity and comfort to pursue expanded states of consciousness, with the belief that we can reveal aspects of ourselves hidden from everyday awareness. Third, we build a positive community with the belief that it can support the creation of new positive rituals and self-care.   


This weekend retreat is located in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire’s White Mountains National Park.  Our home base for Friday evening will be at the AMC’s Highland Center, their Flagship resort in the White Mountains.   We have reserved a private conference room space where we will meet for orientation and several mindfulness and yoga practices.   This private space will also offer clients with  a secure place to leave behind possessions not suitable for the field.  On Friday evening we will enjoy a buffet style hot dinner, where all eating restrictions can be accommodated.  Sleeping arrangements are suite style, comfortable and typically offer shared single sex bathroom facilities.  Following a hot breakfast, we will pick up bag lunches before beginning our hike up to Mt. Webster via the Webster Cliff Trail, the first of two 4,000 ft peaks we will ascend.  The hike up to Mt. Webster peak is approximately 3.3 miles and 2,700 ft. of elevation gain.  We will continue on approximately 1.4 miles along a section of the Appellation Trail (AT) before reaching Mt. Jackson, where we will enjoy lunch and some programming.


Mts. Webster and Jackson are the two southernmost peaks in the Presidential Range. Mt. Webster forms the eastern wall of Crawford Notch and is known for its dramatic Webster Cliffs. It has spectacular views across Crawford Notch to the Willey Range, south to the central White Mountains, and north up the Presidential Range. Mt. Jackson, a low 4000-footer, has even more stunning 360-degree views which include the Presidential Range-Dry River Wilderness. The hike is rough and rocky, but there are many features along the way, including Elephant Head, Bugle Cliff, Flume Cascade Brook and a massive evergreen forest.   This habitat is also home to a population of lunch-snatching gray jays, adorable and amusing little birds which are nearly as exciting as the views from their home mountains.  Following lunch and our afternoon programming, we will continue along the Webster Cliff Trail for another approximately 2 miles before arriving at our Saturday evening home at the AMC’s Mizpah hut.   The hut is smaller but cozy relative to the Highland Center but at 3,800 ft. of elevation delivers the peace and serenity of backcountry wilderness.  Typically, all clients share a bunk style room with shared bathroom facilities.   After a hot dinner, clients are usually treated to a naturalist class and if lucky some amazing stargazing.   Sunday morning will be an early start with a sunrise ascent of Mt. Pierce via the Webster Cliff Trail traveling approximately 1 mile and 500 ft. of elevation gain.  After the sunrise programming we’ll return to the hut for breakfast and then begin our descent back down to the Highland Center via the Crawford Path Trail.   We will gather a final time in the Highland Center to conclude our programming, gathered any stored belonging before departing home. 


August 2nd-4th, 2024, with arrival Friday 12:00 at the Highland Center

and departure by 12:00 on Sunday.


It is no secret that nature has been proven to be restorative to the mind and body. We seek to expand the power of time spent in Wilderness by enhancing it with a peer-supported Community, and guided programming of meditation, yoga, breath work, and Mindfulness practices that you can take with you even after the retreat has come to a close.



We will use the power of awe in Wilderness towards the process of untethering from the stressors and distractions of daily and digital life. We will use our retreat location to re-connect with the natural world, and enjoy its healing powers. Our program will offer instruction on Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices that promote calm, clarity of thinking, and confidence that can be restorative and transformative to us, and our lives. We will use shared, peer-supported experiences to help promote connection, courage and willpower, leading to personal growth even beyond the summit. 

What Is Included

  • Conference space and storage at the AMC Highland Center

  • Yoga instruction by 

    Malaika DosRemedios

  • Summit hikes of Mt. Webster, Jackson and Pierce

  • Guided nature meditations and personal reflections

  • 2 nights at AMC’s Highland Center and Mizpah hut respectively

  • 2 hot meals each of the 2 days at the AMC facilities.

  • A master class in breathing techniques that promote focus and relaxation.

  • Sunrise meditation.

  • Closing reflection and farewells. 

  • invitation for supported post-retreat connection with your peers and guides. 

Retreat Partner


In order to realize the Sherpa of Souls mission and vision, we will need to find and secure critical partnerships with organizations that share our convictions about the restorative and transformative power of wilderness, meditation and community. We are thrilled by the initial response we have received from professionals in these fields and look forward to building strong relationships with them over the next several decades. Our intention is to be strategic connectors between our clients and world-renown professionals that traverse the intersections of wilderness, meditation and community.

Malaika DosRemedios (E-RYT-500+, and YACEP) for just over a decade now, is a full-time teacher of the Tantric Tradition of Hatha Yoga, group fitness instructor and personal trainer in the Burlington, Vermont area during the late Spring to mid Fall and lives in Key West, Florida during the Winter. She has been a dedicated and long time student practicing yoga since 2002 and has been leading and guiding students and teachers since 2009.

When not in Vermont or Key West she is traveling and teaching all over the globe leading empowering classes , workshops, retreats and other events. In 2015-2017, Malaika has lead Intensive Immersion Teacher Trainings in Bali, Indonesia and intensive trainings and clinics for students and teachers in Sydney, Australia. 

Tantra is the ancient yogic science of harnessing and directing life force called prana, to cultivate steadfastness, clarity, and ease within to connect to our inner light body and spreading it out as we move through the world.

My offerings are based in Tantra Yoga, in the context of the Sri Vidya tradition of India, one of the oldest schools of Tantra. Sri Vidya can be defined as the "knowledge of that which is most beautiful” or "the science of being", going beyond the physical body to become awakened to the more subtle forces within, the self becomes part of the greater universe. Through Tantra Yoga one is said to be able to ultimately reach a state of eternal bliss, remembering and tasting that which we really are...whole, complete, and fulfilled. 

Malaika is passionate about many things, but mostly the ancient science and art of Yoga Nidra. To her Yoga Nidra practice and the state of Yoga Nidra is the most potent form of healing and fulfillment of them all.  Her dedicated practice to Yoga Nidra stared over 10 years ago and leads powerful Yoga Nidra workshops continuously and has recently created the Awakening the Soul- Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Apprenticeship program to train others in this incredibly impactful offering. 

Pricing & Logistics

Participants are responsible for all transportation to and from the AMC Highland Center located in Brenton Woods, NH. There are 6 spots available that will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.  The registration process is intended to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests. 


The cost of the trip is $495 and includes all retreat programming and materials, lodging and food for Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday morning. Please tell us if there is a need for scholarship funds to subsidize the retreat. Our goal is to make the retreat accessible to as many participants as possible. 

Let's go!

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